Mike and Joni. A family portrait in Norfolk county.



Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_3001 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_4002 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts003 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_5004 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_8005 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_9006 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_10007 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_2008 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_11009 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_12010 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_7011Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_6012  We photographed Mike and Jonis’ wedding a few years ago. Now they have a couple of beautiful kids and a new home! Off to Norfolk county for some photographic goodness on a dairy farm with the oldest building in the county!  The location just happens to be where Joni grew up!


D’Arcy Elliott, A Self Portrait


D’Arcy and his cock, a self portrait! Special thanks to Shawn Mccarty for graciously letting use his cock:) Check out his website, as well as a new venture coming soon, Thanks Shawn!


Still life table top photography. Black sex shoes!




Some folks like pictures of shoes, we like photographing them!

A wedding moment.



  Twenty years ago next year I photographed my first wedding. Ang and I have been in business for over fifteen years…together! We still photograph weddings because we still love shooting them…it’s really that simple.




Interior photographic goodness for the Decorating den.


Closet2_empiricalphotographicarts DiningRm1_empiricalphotographicarts Ensuite4_empiricalphotographicarts LivingRm4_empiricalphotographicarts

Dried mushrooms. Still life photography.


Dried_mushroom1_darcyelliott IMG_0389 IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0394

“Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom” Thomas Carlyle.  I have had a fascination with mushrooms since I was three or so watching my Mum draw and paint them with India ink while eating my pumpkin pie! D’Arcy.

Old rusty cock!




I have been thinking of this project for a little while…I call it “Cock”. This old rusty cock was in my buddies backyard. I looked him straight in the eye and said “I need your cock” “let me take your cock home to photograph it” “come on, this cock will be the first cock shot in a never ending photographic series of cocks!” He let me take his cock home. So I did a little set up in the studio and produced the image at top…”old rusty cock”. The bottom image is the set up with studio strobes and jells and stands and one rusty old cock!  The best part about this blog entry is the fact that I got to  say cock twelve times!

Check this SH%T out! A Sam and Nolan engagement shoot in Brantford!



Sam_and_Nolan_12_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_11_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_10_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_9_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_8_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_6_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_4_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_3_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_2_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_1_empiricalphotographicarts What do you do when a hot couple show up for an engagement shoot in front of your studio on a nice sunny day in Brantford in a white four door Jeep with big ass wheels and a lime green Harley chopper? Well…what do you do punk?

Keven. The Dorsey Group, Brantford.




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