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Avenue lighting and design, Brantford, Ontario. Commercial portrait photography.

These fine images of good looking people are the owners of Avenue lighting and design in Brantford, Ontario.  Sherree and Matt can be seen on billboards and buses around town.

sherree and matt

Brantford arts block-Grand opening!

On February 2nd 2013@7pm the Brantford arts block will be hosting a Grand opening featuring a musical performance by Bry Webb ( ( and an  art exhibition featuring the artwork of Parker Littell ( and Heather Verplankeas as well as a variety of interactive projects and activities to showcase their new space! We will be there. See ya then..

Portrait of the week…Pops, Rich and Violet.

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” Oscar Wilde.

Pops, Rich and Violet used to be fixtures in Brantford. Riding their bikes and many trailers around town collecting scrap and oddments, making a living like the rest of us. I heard they have moved on…to greener pastures I hope.


Empirical photographic arts portrait sightings | Clowns for kids and Avenue lighting..

Just a few snaps of some of  our work around town shot on my iphone! Cheers!

Jeff and Elise…A wedding in the center of the universe, Brantford, Ontario.

You wouldn’t know by looking at their wedding images that it rained pretty much the whole day for Jeff and Elise’s wedding! You guys were troopers:)

No Hockeyfest for you!

After days of on-again, off-again controversy, this weekend’s Hockeyfest has been cancelled with a promise to honour tickets at a “future event.”  Although it is raining and cold, at least there would have been a beer tent!

Tiger loose in Brantford!

Mia Dorsey. Wife, mother, career woman, and…..professional model? Mia was the first to be photographed from the Dorsey Group in Brantford for their new billboard campaign. She set the bar very high as she was a complete natural in front of the camera! I wanted to end off the great shoot with a little fun so I asked her to give me the ‘tiger’, she did. We immediately new that this should be on a billboard! Perfect look combined with the talents of Lucas Duguid from Octopus Red and here we have it – a wicked advertisement! I’m pretty sure it took Lucas some time to convince them but I think the feed back will prove him right, a wise man once told me that ‘fortune favours the bold’ .
So in her modeling debut, we present to you…Mia Dorsey 🙂 GRRRRRRR!

brantford advertising photography, empirical photographic arts

Serenity country candles of Brantford.

“Simple pleasures to nurture the soul.

We invite you to come to our shop located in Brantford Ontario and settle into a welcoming chair with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Wander through our rooms to discover simple pleasures to nurture your soul and refresh your heart.

And if you prefer, you can settle in right where you are and browse our online collection of handmade soaps and candles. Enjoy!”

That is right from their website. The hospitality is second to none and Serenity is one of the nicest places to be anytime of the year. Have a coffee and relax for a while and don’t forget some candles and soap!

We highly recommend this imaginative and passionate little store for gifts for any occasion.