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Interior architectural photography.

Interior-architectural-photography_empiricalphotographicartsInterior photography is always a good challenge and a lot of fun!

Still life table top photography. Black sex shoes!



Some folks like pictures of shoes, we like photographing them!

Interior photographic goodness for the Decorating den.

Closet2_empiricalphotographicarts DiningRm1_empiricalphotographicarts Ensuite4_empiricalphotographicarts LivingRm4_empiricalphotographicarts

Professional product photography for packaging and retail.

We do so much work that many people see but do not know is done by us. This is commercial photography…shot with the intent to sell a product!


Amateur photography costs money, Professional photography makes money!

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for marketers to set their brands apart. Distinctive original imagery is one of the best ways to achieve this. Professional photography is an investment in your business.

Avenue lighting and design, Brantford, Ontario. Commercial portrait photography.

These fine images of good looking people are the owners of Avenue lighting and design in Brantford, Ontario.  Sherree and Matt can be seen on billboards and buses around town.

sherree and matt

A Purse photographed outside with studio lighting!

So we get a call from a client with a very interesting twist…”I have a purse collection and would love some art for the wall” they said. Our job is never the same, never! Love it!

Johnny Velvet presents…

Johnny Velvet presents a night of malt and merriment…an evening of rare whiskeys and fine food! Hosted at The Brantford club Saturday November  17…tickets are $50.  Photography by Design…Lucas Duguid of Octopus Red

Tiger loose in Brantford!

Mia Dorsey. Wife, mother, career woman, and…..professional model? Mia was the first to be photographed from the Dorsey Group in Brantford for their new billboard campaign. She set the bar very high as she was a complete natural in front of the camera! I wanted to end off the great shoot with a little fun so I asked her to give me the ‘tiger’, she did. We immediately new that this should be on a billboard! Perfect look combined with the talents of Lucas Duguid from Octopus Red and here we have it – a wicked advertisement! I’m pretty sure it took Lucas some time to convince them but I think the feed back will prove him right, a wise man once told me that ‘fortune favours the bold’ .
So in her modeling debut, we present to you…Mia Dorsey 🙂 GRRRRRRR!

brantford advertising photography, empirical photographic arts


My mother in law recently ventured off to Montserrat, a small volcanic island in the Caribbean. After seeing the pictures and tasting the volcanic rum she brought us it is definitely now on our list of places to go to!We had to photograph this bottle before drinking it….how many people ever get to try volcano rum!

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