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Check this SH%T out! A Sam and Nolan engagement shoot in Brantford!


Sam_and_Nolan_12_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_11_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_10_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_9_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_8_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_6_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_4_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_3_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_2_empiricalphotographicarts Sam_and_Nolan_1_empiricalphotographicarts What do you do when a hot couple show up for an engagement shoot in front of your studio on a nice sunny day in Brantford in a white four door Jeep with big ass wheels and a lime green Harley chopper? Well…what do you do punk?

Tell Me you love me. Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me we’ll grow old together.. In sickness, and in health. Tell me that I’m still the one. That you need me. That I’m your superhero. Tell me you’ll never let me go. Tell me you miss me. … That’s all I need.

U of T engagement shoot with a little dumpster lovin’

Oh ya! Good stuff!


Wedding engagement art…on a wine bottle!

Some people would ask…is it OK to take the bottle home? Giv’em a candle and you got yourself a nice bombonieri!

Kathy and Kevin…An engagement shoot at McMaster University!

Shauna and Paul…Wedding engagement goodness @ Albion falls and a little bit of downtown Hamilton grunge!


Wicked awesome shooting at Albion falls and you just can’t beat downtown Hamilton for some good ol’fashioned grunge! Ang and I have been shooting weddings and engagements for 14 years together this summer and still love ’em! Yeeeeooooo!!!

Elise & Jeff | Sneak Peek

Elise and Jeff have been waiting ever so patiently to see their engagement session images. Here’s a sneak peek as we barrell our way through our mountain of post production. Brantwood Farms was kind enough to let us use their property for this fall shoot. Brantwood Farms is a multigenerational family run farm that is reknowned in this area for great local produce. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend be sure to get over to Brantwood Farms and pick some apples or check out their halloween corn maze!
Elise and Jeff will be tying the knot in Brantford next June – looking forward to a great day with them!

Serene & Paul | Burlington E-Session

We met with Serene and Paul at village square in Burlington for their engagement photoshoot recently. No need for these guys to warm up to the camera, they were a natural and great to work with! If a couple can make fun of each other and have a laugh they are in great shape. We’ll be photographing Paul and Serene’s wedding next weekend in Hamilton and are looking forward to a fun filled day and a good ole fashion Portugese feast! Thanks guys, hope everything worked out with the appliances 🙂

Sneak Peak | Caledonia E-Session


Shady and Caroline met us in Caledonia for their engagement shoot tonight. Caroline was so excited to see the images we just can’t make her wait all week! So as promised Caroline, here is a tiny sneak peak…more to come when we get back from vacation next week!

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