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Mike and Joni. A family portrait in Norfolk county.


Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_3001 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_4002 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts003 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_5004 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_8005 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_9006 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_10007 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_2008 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_11009 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_12010 Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_7011Strugala_family_portrait_empiricalphotographicarts_6012  We photographed Mike and Jonis’ wedding a few years ago. Now they have a couple of beautiful kids and a new home! Off to Norfolk county for some photographic goodness on a dairy farm with the oldest building in the county!  The location just happens to be where Joni grew up!


What’s for dinner? Spaghetti you say!

These are the images you save for the first girlfriend or wedding or something! This was one of the rare shoots of babies and children we photograph in the studio, most is done on location at your place or anywhere else. Beautiful simple moments!

A Family portrait!

Sean & Nicole | Family Update


A couple of years ago we photographed Sean & Nicoles wedding and were delighted when we heard they were expecting their first baby!  It is always great to catch up with wedding couples we have photographed and see how they’re doing. We made it to their house 1 week before we brought our own little guy into this world. Oliver is an adorable baby boy born to wonderful parents. Congrats guys…and thanks for all the pointers!
Below are a few images from the shoot, as well a look back at one of our favorites from the wedding.