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Dried mushrooms. Still life photography.

Dried_mushroom1_darcyelliott IMG_0389 IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0394

“Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom” Thomas Carlyle.¬† I have had a fascination with mushrooms since I was three or so watching my Mum draw and paint them with India ink while eating my pumpkin pie! D’Arcy.

Johnny Velvet presents…

Johnny Velvet presents a night of malt and merriment…an evening of rare whiskeys and fine food! Hosted at The Brantford club Saturday November¬† 17…tickets are $50.¬† Photography by Design…Lucas Duguid of Octopus Red


My mother in law recently ventured off to Montserrat, a small volcanic island in the Caribbean. After seeing the pictures and tasting the volcanic rum she brought us it is definitely now on our list of places to go to!We had to photograph this bottle before drinking it….how many people ever get to try volcano rum!

A bushel of Ontario peaches.

Well, added to our long list of preserves this year is a bushel of wonderful Ontario peaches. Ever wonder what a bushel of peaches looks like: 12 medium ziploc bags of frozen peaches, 1 batch of jam, 3 pies, and two fridge crispers full of peaches! Our little man has been loving the peaches with his cereal and we’ll be enjoying the taste of Ontario peaches all winter long!