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A bushel of Ontario peaches.

Well, added to our long list of preserves this year is a bushel of wonderful Ontario peaches. Ever wonder what a bushel of peaches looks like: 12 medium ziploc bags of frozen peaches, 1 batch of jam, 3 pies, and two fridge crispers full of peaches! Our little man has been loving the peaches with his cereal and we’ll be enjoying the taste of Ontario peaches all winter long!

Ashley & Dax | Port Dover E-Session

WARNING: No models were used in the following photoshoot, they are real people, having a real wedding!
We met up with Ashley, Dax, and their little guy in Port Dover for their engagement shoot recently. It took all my will-power to not get an arbor dog and fries on the way out!
The clouds parted ways long enough for us to take our time walking around and get a collection of great images in Dover. Their wedding is this Saturday at Springview Farm Golf Course so more images of this great couple coming soon!