Dave and Heather | Paris Wedding

Dave and Heather | Paris Wedding


We had a fun filled day with Dave and Heather in Paris Ontario for their wedding in the fall. Paris is a quaint village in southern Ontario filled with old architecture and character. Heather got ready right across the street from the church at an amazing bed and breakfast, The Carriage House, which made for a very relaxing morning. Although under construction from the outside at the time, the inside was a hidden gem. Attempts by Heather and myself to weasle our way onto the property of a cool old church nearby were ambushed by the boys :). The owner did show up so I guess they were right….yes I said it….the men were right! Never the less, we had enough time to check out a couple little spots before heading back to Brantford. The reception was at the Brantford Golf and Country Club, a fitting choice, as this is where Dave and Heather met. You can also catch Dave on the PGA tour this year. I always love hearing Heather’s stories of their travels and look forward to catching up when they’re back in town. Thanks for a great day guys, and good luck on the tour!

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  1. Heather Hearn
    Heather Hearn07-25-2011

    We WILL choose photos for our wedding album before our 1st wedding anniversary (which is a month and a half away!!!) My goodness time flies. We have fun sharing memories of the day, showing off the proof book (amazing) and look forward to having an album of our own to keep the fun and energy of our wedding day going for many many years.
    thanks again, you guys are awesome
    Heath & Dave